Great For

Household clean-up In The Garage or Work Shop Easy clean-up area for any
sport, hobby or craft
  • No mess or clutter on washer and dryer
  • Hanging clothes right out of dryer
  • Built-in washboard for hand-washing delicate clothing items
  • Scrubbing messy-muddy kids shoes
  • Wash up paint rollers, brushes and paint pan
  • Cleaning aquarium
  • Potting plants
  • Safe area to put freshly polished shoes and boots
  • Easy clean-up of tools
  • Rinsing and drying filters
  • Repair area for maintenance items
  • Extra work station next to sink
  • 4 tool ports to hold tools while working
  • Cleaning golf clubs and shoes
  • Fishing and hunting gear
  • Baseball, football and soccer spikes
  • Safe area for painting water colors, acrylics or oil
  • Building school projects and crafts
  • And much much more...

In the Laundry Room hang clothes right from the dryer. No more ironing. Clothes stay wrinkle free when hung straight from the dryer. Fold towels and sheets and place them on the Hold-It-And-Fold-It. Then when you're done, just fold out of the way.


Great for cleaning fish. So portable you can take it with you to your cabin. It also hooks easily onto a wheel barrow for gardening. Sturdy enough to hold your transplanting materials.

Have easy access to your tools while you're using them in the shop or garage. Clean up is a breeze. Wash then air dry tools and paint brushes in ports designed just for that purpose.

Hold It and Fold It is proud to announce that the Utility Sink Drainboard is now available for purchase at participating Ace Hardware stores.